SE-2400-H/Bm-4-5×5 cm² Fibroin/Amniotic membrane  Hybrid Matrix (5×5 cm² (3 pc.)) A bilayer skin substitute composed of amniotic membrane, which was coated with fibroin nanofibers, and characterized in terms of both in vitro and in vivo properties.
SE-2200- Bm-3-24 well Fibroin Porous scaffold (24 well (3 pc.)) Microporous scaffolds based on silk fibroin fabricated from aqueous fibroin and reinforced with degummed silk fibers, which are characterized thoroughly in terms of hard tissue engineering in vitro and in vivo.
SE-2200- Bm-3-96 well Fibroin Porous scaffold (96 well (3 pc.))
SE-2000- Bm-2-1g Fibroin Powder
SE-2000- Bm-1-10ml Fibroin Solation 5%
SE-2000-Bm-5-1g Silk fibers Degummed  Bombyx Mori silk fibers
SE-4000-H-4-5×5 cm² Amniotic membrane Freeze dried amniotic membrane, derived from human placenta of healthy mothers undergoing elective cesarean section, is available as pristine and decellularized membrane. Human amniotic membrane is a widely used dressing for treatment of skin and ocular wounds.


SE-5000-0-4-4.5×18 cm² PCL Electrospun PCL nanofibrous matrix with high flexibility and biocompatibility.
SE-5300-0-4-4.5×18 cm² PCL/Chitosan A flexible nanofibrous matrix which takes benefit from the promising mechanical strength of PCL and antibacterial properties of Chitosan.
SE-5360-0-4-4.5×18 cm² PCL/Chitosan/Gelatin A flexible antibacterial nanofibrous matrix, capable of stimulating cells to secrete collagen due to the incorporating Gelatin to the mixture of Chitosan and PCL.
SE-5368-0-4-4.5×18 cm² PCL/Chitosan/Gelatin/nTCP A nanofibrous matrix with potential for periodontal tissue engineering owing to the presence of TCP nanoparticles as osteogenic inducers.